A Few Easy Updates Can Make a Huge Difference

This year has been the year of the Update! Why? I think that people have put off doing things as we all wound through the Great Recession, and, now, many are looking to make a few changes to change up their surroundings. Kitchens and baths are often on the list for practical reasons- new appliances, leaking bathroom fixtures etc. But purely cosmetic things have been on the list as well. We’re in the middle of one right now- we’re changing the interior doors and trim for a customer and totally changing the look of their home. Changing stairways and handrails is another easy way to make a large aesthetic impact without turning your house inside out. Adding a beautiful built in to a room can really change how the room feels-adding lights and warm wood tones can be a real winner too. Changing flooring, painting walls and/or woodwork, getting rid of wallpaper that you’ve grown tired of over the years are all projects¬† that can be done on a room by room basis, and so eased into both from a practical “disruption” standpoint and also financially. Just don’t wait too long if you need things done by the holidays- they are right around the corner!!

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