Builders Handle Water Use Issues

In many parts of the country people are experiencing drought conditions. This is leading to moderate to severe restrictions on water use, as well as kick-starting ideas to use and manage water resources better. New and novel ideas to recycle wastewater are being considered and implemented, but all conservation starts with using a little less water than we used to use in the past. Builders and Remodelers have been using water saving fixtures for years. Early on- the water saving was achieved simply by the manufacturer installing flow restrictors in the faucets and shower heads. These didn’t work very well and we were routinely asked to remove the devices by our customers. But, with the advent of 3-D modeling and flow studies, these manufacturers have done a really good job lowering the amount of water necessary to deliver a superb customer experience. They have brought this technology to plumbing fixtures as well as appliances and landscape irrigation systems. So, using less water can mean the day we have to drink recycled water, as in the attached story, is put off farther into the future-


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