Ice Dam Repair

Ice Dam Repair

Ice Dam Repair

Long cold, snowy winters and inferior construction practices may necessitate the need for an ice dam repair. Ice related property damage causes millions of dollars in roof, ceiling and interior wall damage every year. Knowing the reasons why ice builds up on a roof edge goes a long way in preventing property damage.

Snow that accumulates on a roof goes through a cycle of melting and refreezing. Heat from an attic can melt the snow on the roof’s surface. Homes that are built thoughtfully using modern construction practices have the roof/attic/insulation system designed and built to be an ice-prevention system, creating the conditions for a well ventilated attic, mostly preventing such snow melt from occurring. Depending on the age of your home, the direction it faces, the severity of the winter, the amount of snow on the roof, or the duration between melts, the roof system can be defeated by mother nature, leading to water damage and insurance claims. Ice dams occur when the snow on the roof melts enough to allow water to flow down the roof to a point where the water refreezes when it reaches the eave( which is not over the heated attic). Building up over time, the ice forms a dam that eventually gets high enough to where it allows the water to back up the roof and under the roofing material and into the home. The lower the roof slope, the less ice buildup is needed to cause damage.

Ice dam prevention usually involves multiple building systems- roofing, roof underlayment, attic ventilation, and insulation. If you are unlucky enough to have all these things in good shape, and still suffer from Ice Dam formation, then your home might be a candidate for ice melt cables. As our winters have gotten wetter and colder, we’ve seen more and more instances where cables are the solution. These are tied into dedicated electrical circuits and need to be installed by a licensed firm. Our tema at Myers Homes can help evaluate the problem, diagnose the issue, come up with an action plan, and get it executed for you.

Don’t wait for the first snow to give Myers Homes a call- call now and we can start helping you get your home ready for Old Man Winter!

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