Thanksgiving Builder Style

This past weekend was Thanksgiving, and per usual, we had a lot of family over. And, while it’s great for everyone to be able to share these times together, these gatherings can really put pressure on your home.  How did your home perform? Was it warm enough? Cool enough? Flexible enough? Did the plumbing work well? What about music or lights? Was there anything that you thought needed an upgrade? If you could, what might you want to change or add? At this time of year, one of my favorite things about out home is the fireplace-and we kept flames roiling in that all weekend, and people were gathered in front of that all evening for the several evenings we had family over. And, along with being thankful that my friends and family are all healthy and happy, I’m thankful for a career that allows me and my team to create things that bring people together and enhances their lives-

Ready for Thanksgiving
Ready for Thanksgiving

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