Making your Home Your Favorite Place

Designing and building your home, aside from all the other advantages, offers the unique opportunity to make your home, or some part of it, your favorite place to be. For myself, I love the front porch. The porch was one of the design criteria I gave our architect- and, because of the way he set it up design-wise, and the way we built it construction-wise, it has become one of my favorite places to be. With flowers and music, soft lighting, sofas and chairs, it’s a place for quiet, peaceful relaxation or great get-togethers with friends. We took what my architect designed, and my construction staffers fabricated, and turned it into one of the focal points of our summers in our home. Now that our kids are getting older and starting to move out, we think periodically about where we might live next, but always my sense of home seems grounded in the favorite places we created in our home, making it hard to think about living somewhere else. If anyone were to ask what I get out of building homes for people- I think that’s it- the opportunity to create a favorite place for a customer, that will ground them and give their family the sense of “home” that I built for my family. What’s your wish for a new favorite place? Let us know- it would be our pleasure to build it for you-

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Margaritas Optional

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