No Home Upgrade is Ever Simple

I recently had a friend ask for help with a problem. When they originally redid their home, they installed an actual commercial range by Southbend- a firm which does not make appliances suitable for residential installations. It looked great, but when they used the oven, they almost set their home on fire! But, because the range isn’t designed for residential, its dimensions aren’t  stock residential dimensions. So, to replace it with a Wolf stove ( , we needed a 60″ wide stove, and we had to pack it out 6″ extra. So, we needed a moving company (to get the original stove out) a plumber (to change the gas connection to a residential style), an electrician (to add a 220V outlet) carpenters to provide backers in the wall for a replacement shelf, a granite fabricator to build a 6″x6″ granite shelf, matching their existing countertops, to account for the 6″ difference in depth between the Southbend and the Wolf, and an iron fabricator to build a replacement plate shelf. Whew. Of course, when all is said and done, it came out great- and won’t burn my friend’s house down!! The simplest thing becomes totally complicated, and it happens all the time!


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