Poured Wall Initiative

We have done it. We have built our first poured wall foundation. For years I held out, opting instead for the laborious masonry foundation walls. The slower, more methodical and time tested technique of laying block by hand was my preferred method of foundation construction. All around  me, though, most builders have made the switch to poured foundation walls. The process takes about half the time, seems to cost a smidge less (more on that) and is a lot less weather dependent. My biggest fear was that the contractors that pour these walls wouldn’t have the attention to detail that my masons have always had, and I’d wind up with out of square, off-level walls. Well, thanks to the crew at Modern Poured Walls, we have a square, level platform for the rest of my house. The walls, which I chose to pour 10″ thick vs the standard 8″, are like a fortress, and the process took two weeks start to backfill as opposed to almost a month. My masons will still have work to do- there’s a fireplace and some other things, the poured wall will be a viable alternative for our company moving forward. 20150715_144326

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