Spring into action on Things You’ve Put Off

This spring we’ve had a flurry of calls all related to the same thing-things people have known about and wanted to change/fix/enhance are now at the top of their to-do list and it’s time to get things done! Bathrooms, garages, basements, landscaping, walkways, driveways- all of these things (well, maybe not the bathrooms) are sort of the drudgery part of home maintenance. We know it’s important to follow through on it, but not so much fun. And, when you let those things go, it can get way more expensive to fix them later/ Yet, when those things are taken care of, day to day living in your home feels so much nicer-and you’ve enhanced¬† your investment in the home. Even just cleaning and painting the garage can be a big “pick me up” when you fist pull into the garage. How about a facelift for your fireplace? It’s your home- make it nice for yourself!

New stone and mahogany fireplace face
New stone and mahogany fireplace face

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