Sump Pumps are a Bummer

Yes, having a sump pump in your basement is a bummer. We try to buy home sites that we can have positive drainage and so can eliminate the need for sump pumps. But, sometimes they’re unavoidable. So, how to minimize the problems? Well, you first have to identify the issues- if the pump isn’t working then your basement can flood, right? There are really only 2 things that can go wrong with a pump- either it has no power or the pump wears out. To solve the first problem we strongly recommend that we install a battery backup with your sump system. Even better (because batteries only last so long) we strongly suggest standby generators in homes that have sump pumps. During a storm, you really need that pump, and when do you lose power, right? So a standby generator will kick on during a power loss and run, not only your pump, but most if not all of your home’s electrical equipment. TO solve the second issue, the pump quitting, we recommend a duplex pump system, so if one pump dies, there’s a second pump in the pit to kick on. If you’re having a problem with your pump system, give us a call- we can help!

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