The Art of Building

Yes, Art. Capital A. Sure, there’s a lot of homes that aren’t that artistic. And more than a few that are downright homely. But, when designed and built by people that care, homes can have a true artistic quality about them. On the drawing board, under construction, or finished, these homes just seem to hit the high notes. Creating these for our customers is the fun part of my work. Working with great tradesmen, building something unique and one-of-a-kind- fun times. Sure, the weather can be a bummer, and not everything goes the way we want it to go, but, some days, when the lighting is right, you can see things in a different way, and all of a sudden, what we are crafting goes from the practical to the artistic, and, BOOM!, we just made some magic. Of course, the true magic comes later. When our customers move in and breathe life into what we built- when their families make our home their own, and make their memories in what we created, the magic is really complete. Still, well before that, when the light hits just right, the magic is there in a million other ways, and those are days that make all the harder, colder, wetter days melt away, and I remember why I started doing this.

Framing Artwork
Framing Artwork


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