The True Value of Professionals

I’m reminded this morning about the value of our professional relationships. On Saturday afternoon, our well pump puked out. No water- no showers and no flushing and an almost full complement of kids at home. A call to our water- drilling sub (quick shout out to Jim Ayers at Ayers drilling ) and within 12 hours a new pump¬† was working to keep the kids fresh and flushed. The quick response from Jim is testament to the relationships that professional contractors running efficient companies foster over a long period of years. I’ve had Jim respond equally fast for our customers-and it’s because we’ve placed a high premium on the value of our trade relationships over the years. Without our trade partners, we can’t build anything! So, we’ve always place a high premium on listening to them, making sure that jobs are ready when we say they will be and that pay schedules are kept to so that everyone’s work is rewarded the way it should be. This doesn’t mean that our pricing on services is always the cheapest-but it means that we have a large cadre of seasoned and skilled professionals to call on whenever our customers need something. Even a well pump at 8:00 Sunday morning! What is that kind of piece of mind worth??


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