Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

The foundation of every building is vital to the durability of that building. Dry basements mean no musty smell in the rest of the house, and a great option to add living space without the cost of adding rooms onto the house. So smart homeowners understand the importance of getting. Basement Waterproofing done the right way.

From the beginning. But if your home is older, or the original builder didn’t get the waterproofing right, you might need to have your basement waterproofed. While there are firms that have specialized franchises that temporarily solve your problem, you might want to consider a true Builder solving this issue for you.

Myers Homes doesn’t use any gimmicks or tricks to waterproof basements- we diagnose the issue, then use the materials and tools that are part of the same process that we use on our award-winning new homes to solve your basement problem.

Often, the issues aren’t only the original waterproofing, or maybe even the waterproofing but something else altogether. Maybe the drainage or maybe time may have conspired with moisture to create other, more serious issues. Whatever the ultimate issue, the Myers Homes team has no problem taking care of whatever we might run into for you without having to call in other experts wasting time and money.

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