Home Tech that Lasts

One of the major issues I’ve had with home technology over the years is the fact that it doesn’t last. The companies that make most of this gear don’t support it forever-even though it may control major systems of the home. So, while we build a home to last over a hundred years, the gear inside that controls things often becomes obsolete or dysfunctional in only a few years. Worse, the gear might be ok, but the company that installed it disappears, and so what should be a minor tweak can become a major replacement. I just read where Google is pulling the plug on it’s Nest based home controller ( Nest pulls the plug ) after only 3 years. That must be some sort of record! There is only one firm that has consistently supported it’s customers-commercial and residential- and installers in this space, since this type of gear came on the market, and that’s a company called Crestron. We have worked with K+ Integration Systems, who is expert in this technology, (www.k-integration.com ) to provide these systems to our customers, and to help our customers get the most out of the technology, without buying a lot of pieces they don’t need. K+ designs and installs audio, video, and control systems throughout the greater Cleveland and Akron areas. They even have clients in Florida now, as some of our Cleveland customers have asked them to help them with the technology in their FLA homes. So, while it seems like this gear should be easy to come up with for a company like Google, there’s way more to it than it seems at first, which it sounds to me like they are now learning….

Rack for a large control system
Rack for a large control system

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